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We spend a considerable amount of time sharing our stories of how we found proton, celebrating the fact that we somehow succeeded in doing so—not an easy task. But have you thought about the flipside of our journey? Just how is it that proton beam therapy (PBT) was there for us to find? I admit I had not given much thought to this question until …

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What proton did for me (in 2 minutes):
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proton therapy prostate cancerPROTONS versus Prostate Cancer: EXPOSED

Learn exactly what it’s like to receive proton beam radiation therapy for prostate cancer. This is the complete, step-by-step detail from the patient’s point of view in non-technical language with just enough light humor to soften a serious subject. It will help those considering proton radiation decide whether this often misunderstood therapy is the right approach for them, and will serve as a helpful guide for those who have already chosen this state-of-the-art treatment option.


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